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RS Analysis Update

Thanks to you guys, this project will be a great success!  I’ve (we’ve) raised $2100 from 18 donors on the Indiegogo site, and 12 donors through the PayPal link. I went ahead and purchased the following starches in preparation: Potato Starch (Bob’s Red Mill (2), Anthony’s, and Barry Farm) Banana Flour (Nutryvitta, NuNanan) and will […]

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Complex Carbohydrates

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Toward a Personalized Approach in Prebiotics Research

A particularly timely commentary was published last week in the Nutrients Journal. It was published “open access” under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to read, share, and quote appropriately. Dr. Moul Dey, professor at South Dakota State University has been studying resistant starch and human health. She’s noticed variations between people when they […]

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Raw Starches in the Human Diet

Recently, a group of archaeologists in Spain discovered a million-year-old set of human teeth. In the dental calculus found on the teeth, they uncovered remnants of what these “cavemen” ate. Scientists were able to determine that the owner of these specific chompers had been subsisting on meat, mushrooms, insects, and plants. It should not go […]

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How Fiber can alter our Gut Flora

Here’s Karl Seddon’s latest video. Have a look, 16 minutes of good explanations of how fiber effects your gut. And keep in mind as you watch, when you are doing a short-term Potato Hack, you are getting massive amounts of some of the same fibers that Karl discusses in the video. If your gut does […]

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Resistant Starch in Clinical Trials

My ongoing project to analyze resistant starch in common food starches is progressing well. I’ve raised $1250 through my Indiegogo Project, and a bit more through PayPal donations. Please donate if you are so inclined and would like an early look at the results. With the funds now available, I’ll be able to get 12-15 […]

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Resistant Starch and Heart Disease

While we think of resistant starch (RS) as protective, there’s a new paper out that says RS may cause cardiovascular disease! We’d better check this out. Sample headline: “Marker for Cardiovascular Disease Linked to Resistant Starch in Diet.” And a quote from the Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials: These results mean that a diet high […]

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Natural Healing with Potato Peels

Potato peels can be used to cure hard-to-heal wounds. In third-world countries, health clinics are instructed to keep potatoes on hand, and to apply the peels to burns, cuts, and other wounds. Using potato peels underneath gauze keeps the wound moist, comfortable, and it’s easy to remove. The potato peels also appear to speed healing […]

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Fake News!

Now I know how “The Donald” and Hillary feel.  Ugh.  The headlines this week: 109-Year-Old Woman Says Lots of Bacon Is the Key to a Long Life 109-year-old woman’s secret to longevity? Bacon This 109-Year-Old Woman Says Eating Bacon Is the Key to Long Life Yet, each and every article includes some better advice from […]

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RS Project Update

It’s going to happen! Project Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/resistant-starch-analysis–2/x/5750323#/ The project is now funded at $895, with a few more donors expressing interest. We’ll see how far this goes, I hope to raise considerably more in the next 60 days. Please note that donors who are in for $100 or more will get a full list of […]

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Resistant Starch Testing Project

Dear Readers – I’ve been trying to get this project started for almost two years, and finally have the time to do it. Indiegogo Project: Resistant Starch Testing Many of us have been using things like raw potato starch, green banana flour, and Hi-Maize in our fiber supplements, but these starches are not routinely tested […]

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Food Friday; Frozen Hash Browns

The Potato Hack’s all-potato diet is, I’ll admit, labor intensive. What with washing and cooking pounds of potatoes every day…folks in a hurry, college kids, and people who have bad planning skills (you know who you are!) complain that potatoes are just too dang much trouble!  Well, here’s the answer. Frozen potatoes are generally a […]

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Elixa Probiotics Gut Series, Part 3

Karl Seddon of Elixa has been busy creating a really good video series on gut health. See episode 1 and episode 2 here. I think he’s doing a great job with these videos, and he should have a prebiotic fiber blend out soon. Enjoy:

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2017 Resistant Starch Review

Throughout my book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified, I discuss a special type of fiber known as resistant starch (RS). I’ve written loads about this amazing prebiotic here in The Potato Hack Chronicles, as have hundreds of other bloggers and researchers…just Google “resistant starch,” and you’ll find a treasure trove of articles and scientific […]

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Food Friday! French Fries…

Today’s cooking tutorial will be for air-fryer French fries. These are 100% Potato-Hack approved, although you’ll want to make them all the time. I absolutely love my new air fryer. I bought one of the cheapest models sold because I wasn’t sure I use it or even like it. This is the air fryer I […]

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Is Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch Resistant Starch?

I have heard rumors that Bob’s Red Mill’s customer service is telling people that their potato starch does not contain resistant starch (RS). In October, 2015, this comment appeared on the Bob’s Red Mill website: Question: Is Tapioca Flour a Starch and would it be considered resistant starch? Answer: Yes, tapioca flour is a starch, […]

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Mesenteries Love Spuds!

Did you know you have a new organ in your body? Recently, an Irish surgeon declared that a flappy piece of connective tissue that surrounds parts of our intestines is actually an organ. It kind of looks like an angry potato, if you ask me. In the recently released paper, “The mesentery: structure, function, and […]

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From Gut to Immune System to Brain…pay the toll with potatoes!

Within our body are small structures called “Toll-like Receptors (TLRs).” These receptors are an important part of our immune system. TLRs are used by components of our immune system to detect the presence of microbes, ie. fungal and bacterial pathogens, that do not belong inside of us, and need to be eliminated. This is a […]

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potato diet

Happy New Year!

Dear Reader – Thank you for following along as I rejuvenated and relocated potato-related articles from my VegetablePharm blog. From here on out I will only be posting new material, and I’ll open the comments so that we can get into some fun discussions. The theme of this blog will be weight loss and health […]

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In Search of the Perfect Fiber (Part 5…the future!)

It’s pretty obvious by now that there is no “perfect fiber.”  They are all pretty good!  The problem always is going to be in determining what we each need on a day-to-day basis to keep our gut microbiome well-fed.  Will real food ever be enough (Part 1)?  Do we need to take a supplement (Part […]

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