Spudtember, SpudFit Challenge!

Andrew “Spudfit” Taylor has issued a challenge and will be on hand to guide you through a month of eating potatoes-only!  He’s set up a private Facebook page and is charging $10 for entry.

Here’s what Andrew says: (Visit his blog to sign up!)

If you’ve heard about, or even been following my Spud Fit Challenge and have been considering doing it yourself, but haven’t been quite sure where to start, then now’s your chance to try it with full support!

What is it and what do I get?

Spudtember is a guided (by me), month-long Spud Fit Challenge: you will follow a potato-only diet for the entire month of September (that’s right, only a month – that’s easy!).

I will be guiding a group of people through Spudtember using a closed Facebook group of members. In this group I will be posting videos and helpful hints and tips every day, as well as providing pep talks and answering as many questions as humanly possible. You will also be able to share your experiences and support each other through this epic, life-changing journey. I can guarantee it will be life-changing because I have lived it for almost nine months and pretty much every aspect of my life has been positively impacted (though I get a few funny looks!).

Free e-book!

Included in your membership is a free how-to guide e-book with fully photographed, Spudfit-approved potato recipes. It will be available for download at the beginning of Spudtember.

Money back guarantee

This speaks for itself!

Why join Spudtember?

  • To develop a healthy relationship with food
  • To lose weight, get fit and improve your health.

Who should join Spudtember?

Anyone who wants to change their relationship with food, get healthier and lose weight.

Who shouldn’t do it?

  • Anyone who isn’t supervised by a doctor.
  • Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding

Anyone can do Spudtember, but if you feel like you could do with some extra support, become a Spudtember member.

Cost: $10


After you’ve paid your membership fee, you need to do two things:

  1. Request to join the Spudtember Facebook group.

  2. IF your facebook name is different to the name on your paypal account then please email me to explain which paypal name belongs with which facebook name so I know.


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