SpudTember Challenge!

Andrew “Spudfit” Taylor, the Australian bloke who is eating nothing but potatoes for an entire year, has issued a challenge on Facebook. He’s calling it Spudtember. He wants to take people on a guided trip through his world of eating nothing but potatoes.

Here’s what Channel 7 in Melbourne has to say about Spudtember.

If you’d like to join in the challenge, Andrew has set up a private Facebook group and is charging $10 to enter. For the $10, you’ll get a copy of his 60-page ebook with AMAZING recipes, and daily guidance from Andrew. He’s also scheduling live/recorded guest speakers throughout the month.

To join, visit his website and see the instructions.  Join Spudtember.

I joined!  I’m doing it, too.  The longest I’ve done “all-potatoes” was 2 weeks back in 2011. After seeing how Andrew has been thriving after 8 full months on potatoes, he’s made me re-think the advice to keep potato hacks to 3-5 days.

I will be writing potato-themed blog posts and posting my progress here, if anyone wants to try the challenge for Spudtember, I’ll see you there, too.

Stay tuned for lots of blogs on potatoes, the potato hack, etc. 

Am I crazy?


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