Spudtember, Day 16 Update

Andrew Spudfit Taylor inspired this month long potato reset diet.  I tried for the month of September, dubbed “Spudtember.”

Friday update on my month-long potato diet experience.


Everything is going great, I derived probably 95% of my calories the past couple days/weeks from potatoes. The odd dipping sauce or foraged tomato were my only deviations. I haven’t weighed in a couple days, but I assume the weight is slowly going down still.

The amazing thing…it’s not that bad.

The first week was the worst, continually lamenting the loss of tasty foods. But I find now that oven-baked fries, hash browns, and mashed potatoes and re-fried mash all make exceptional meals and I look forward to each meal now. I’m finding myself eating to fullness and not wanting other things at all.

I’ve jogged two miles every night this week except one when it was raining, doing a daily pull-up/push-up routine, and I walk probably 3 miles a day. No slow down in any of this.

If anyone has been on the fence about the potato hack, or wanting to try a longer stretch, go for it!  I have a feeling that after 30 days, my 3-5 day normal hack will be a cinch!

Lesson for the week.

If you do any length of potato hacking, find 3 or 4 ways of making potatoes, simply, that you enjoy. For me, I need a bit of crispiness and salt…those two factors really make a big difference for me.


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