Christmas Ideas for Gut Healthy Eaters

Christmas shopping ideas for healthy eating, gut health, and potatoes!

Black Friday nears.  You all know I live in North Pole, Alaska, not 10 miles from Santa’s Workshop, right?  Take it from me, the elves have been busy this year.  Here is a list of gift ideas for you.

Of course, I’ll start with this (ho, ho, ho!):

Buy on Amazon: $10.45 Paperback/$2.99 Kindle

I’m reading this now…exceptional book for the history geeks in your family:

Buy on Amazon: $10.98 Paperback/$13.99 Kindle

This was recommended by Wilbur and Gemma. By the creator of the Dilbert cartoon, Scott Adams:

Buy on Amazon: $13.52 Paperback/$4.95 Kindle

I read this last year. One of my all-time favorite books:

Buy at Jack : $19.95

I picked this up at SEA-TAC airport, read the whole book on the flight to Cabo:

Buy on Amazon: $11.99/$9.99

Kitchen Gadgets

Here’s some cool cooking stuff I bought this year, and loved:

Air Fryer. Makes great French fries, chicken wings, and fish…all fried without oil. It’s a mini convection oven, easy to use:

Buy on Amazon: $87

Spiralizer. Cuts potatoes into cool shapes. Easy to use and clean, does not take up much space:

Buy on Amazon: $29.98

NutriBullet. I’ve had this for about a year now. I use it almost every day. [My smoothie recipe: 1 cup coconut milk, 1TBS cocoa powder, 1TBS flaxseeds, 2TBS potato starch, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 green banana, ice.]:

Buy on Amazon: $79.99


Pushup Bars: I’m not big on gyms or fancy equipment, but these are really nice for doing pushups. I try to do at least 100 a day (not all at once!):

Buy on Amazon: $12.99

Other Stuff I’m Impressed With

Car Emergency Jump Starter. These used to weigh 10 pounds and did not work all that well. With new battery technology, this is lightweight and easy to use. Get one for your wife or kids, especially if they are prone to dead batteries!  Works for cell phones, iPads, etc., too. I was recently stranded 60 miles from town with a dead battery and had to wait hours for a jump start. Now I have one of these in all my vehicles:

Buy on Amazon: $80

Drone. This is what my most wonderful wife got me for my birthday this year!  I love it. Takes great pictures and easy to fly.

Buy on Amazon: Expensive, lol

Here’s a picture of my garden, taken by this drone last summer:

And speaking of gardens…if you hate winter as much as me, and miss fresh veggies terribly, you’ll get a kick out of this!

Aerogarden. Kit comes with everything you need to grow some herbs or leafy veggies.

Amazon: $99 (shown) – $250. Lots of options.

OK…hope this helps you out. Amazon will be running some crazy Black Friday specials, so get ’em while their cheap.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.



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