Ancestral Potato Hackers Discovered

Maybe this potato hack thing is ingrained in us, evolutionarily. Here is proof that potato hacking predates even Homo sapiens.

From, Do Animals Have Culture

A smart monkey in Japan (named Imo) learned a cool trick. She washed her potato in a river. Her troopmates saw her doing this and likewise started washing their potatoes. Soon monkeys everywhere were washing their potatoes and potato consumption increased dramatically and the monkeys were healthier due to the newly discovered food source. It seemed that prior to this, the monkeys simply tried brushing the dirt off with their hands, creating a gritty eating experience. But then…

At some point during those years of monkey-to-monkey knowledge sharing, Imo discovered a second hack to make her potato consumption more pleasurable–by dipping her potatoes in the ocean instead of the river, the saltwater would season the potato and make it taste better.

So don’t feel bad if you like a little salt while you are potato hackin’. It’s only natural! Or maybe you are just a monkey?


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