Plantains as a Potato Substitute

If you do not like potato starch-based resistant starch supplements, try plantains!  Plantains are a very healthy, fiber and resistant starch filled food source. A great prebiotic. It’s always a bit of a gamble buying raw starches in the hopes that the RS was not destroyed in the processing, or that it is really even there.  Two sources stand out, potato starch and recently, Hi-Maize.

Plantains are an amazing source of RS2. Lots and lots of papers discussing the properties of banana starch and gut health (listed at the end for your reading pleasure). In most cases, when a research paper says “banana flour” they are loosely describing a plantain.  Plantains come in many cultivars (varieties). Plantains differ from bananas in starch and sugar content. When just about any old banana or plantain is still very green, they contain about 55% RS by weight when dried.

If you can find “ungassed” green bananas in your store, they are very similar to plantains. I usually buy the biggest, ugliest, greenest plantains I can find:

I take these and quarter them:

Then, you need to peel.  This is not fun, but you’ll get the hang of it.  It’s much easier if your quarter them as I have here.  You’ll find you can sort of roll the meat out of the peel with a little help from a thumbnail:

Next, simply slice the quarters as thinly as you like.  I leave some thick and make some paper thin.  Up to you.  Next step, drying:

In the Winter, I put them in front of the woodstove with a fan blowing on them.  They dry in about a day.  Here’s a little experiment I did a while back:

8 plaintains, peeled, weighed 1200g when fresh


And 600g when bone dry

8 plantains resulted in 600g of dry matter, or approximately 75g each.  Assuming a 55% RS content, each plantain yields approximately 45g of RS2. If you made them into eight ‘crackers’, each one will have about 5-6g of RS.  It’s really easy to eat four, lol:

That’s 20g of RS, ya’all!




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