Potato Diets in the News

Potato Diets have taken the internet by storm this year!


There’s Andrew Taylor (aka SpudFit) of Melbourne, who has literally blown up the internet and was even on The Doctors on March 3rd. I’ve had a couple email exchanges with Andrew. Nice guy, very genuine. I even sent him a draft copy of The Potato Hack so he could learn some of the science for his many appearances. Andrew is now just a week away from completing his goal of an entire year of potatoes. I hope to hear more in the coming year and see his final stats and labs.

SpudFit even wrote a book…a great book with an exceptional recipe section. I was honored to write the foreword, which starts:

Andrew Taylor is the latest in a long line of people, spanning thousands of years, to discover the life-sustaining properties of the potato. This oft-maligned food is frequently equated to ‘spoonfuls of sugar’ or looked at only in terms of its carbohydrate content. Yet the potato is a powerhouse of nutrition. Some nutritionists have called potatoes a ‘superfood’. Andrew calls them ‘megafood’.


Read more about SpudFit: ‘Spud Fit’: Man has lost 22 pounds with a goal of eating nothing but potatoes in 2016. The SpudFit Facebook page, and check out his YouTube channel. Buy his book, The DIY SpudFit Challenge. How can you not love this guy?:


High Carb Hannah

Next up is Hannah Howlett (aka High Carb Hannah). She’s been promoting a “Potato Cleanse” in which practitioners eat mainly potatoes for a whole month. Her cleansing diet also includes a variety of other non-starchy veggies and the folks on her Facebook page seem to be loving it. She’s also all over the news: Obese woman sheds nearly 5st by eating CARBS and following ‘potato cleanse’ diet, and Hannah has some great YouTube videos.


Dr. John McDougall

But here is my favorite video. An interview with legendary plant-based diet doctor, Dr. John McDougall. In this video, he is interviewed by Will of PotatoStrong.com  (great website name, eh?). The first 10 minutes are priceless hearing Dr. McDougall talk about eating nothing but potatoes:

You should get down on your hands and knees and praise the potato! – Dr. McDougall

Penn Jillette

And finally, Penn Jillette, famed magician, lost over 100 pounds crediting his use of an all-potato diet to kick start his weight loss. He outlines his journey in his book, Presto!


Fingerlings, russets, Yukon Gold and Japanese sweet potatoes were all fair game. They could be consumed baked, boiled or even raw. Jillette needed to eat the entire potato, skin and all. There could be no salt or oil or sour cream. Nothing but potatoes — and he’d eat about five of them per day. New York Post

Yep. 2016 was quite the year for potato diets.

Tim Steele

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