RS Project Update

It’s going to happen!

Project Link:–2/x/5750323#/

The project is now funded at $895, with a few more donors expressing interest. We’ll see how far this goes, I hope to raise considerably more in the next 60 days.

Please note that donors who are in for $100 or more will get a full list of all the products we test as soon as available. At $250, donors will get copies of all of the lab reports as well. The information we generate will most likely not be published on my blog for quite some time because I hope to get this all written up for a peer-reviewed journal. When you submit a paper to a journal, the information has to be “unpublished.” If I post the main points here, first, it may cause issues.

If you are interested in seeing the full report early, to keep it fair, please donate accordingly. Eventually it will all be public, no promises when.

However, if we discover any big “red flags” that make using these starches pointless, ie. numerous samples turn out to have no RS, then I will definitely post that information for all to see here, and elsewhere.

Academia Collaborators!

Also, of great note, I heard back from both UC Davis and Kansas State food labs that they would be interested in helping me do some of the testing. We’re discussing cost now. This might be an excellent way to get even more/cheaper testing done than going through commercial labs. Still waiting to hear from U of Minnesota.

New Pay Pal Button

I had a request to add a Pay Pal button for people who did not want to go through Indiegogo to make a donation, so feel free to use Pay Pal instead. I will ensure you get the same perks as with Indiegogo.

Please Share

Please share the link to the project when you can, all of the advertising is on me, so any help I can get benefits all of us.

Project Link:–2/x/5750323#/

Thanks to all have donated so far, this is going to be a most awesome project, long, long overdue!

Tim Steele


One Comment on “RS Project Update”

  1. Curtisy Briggs January 26, 2017 at 12:38 pm #

    Hi, Tim–I just made a donation, and I am so glad you are doing this, as it will benefit all of us!


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