Fake News!

Now I know how “The Donald” and Hillary feel.  Ugh.  The headlines this week:

109-Year-Old Woman Says Lots of Bacon Is the Key to a Long Life

109-year-old woman’s secret to longevity? Bacon

This 109-Year-Old Woman Says Eating Bacon Is the Key to Long Life

Yet, each and every article includes some better advice from 109 year-old Ruth Benjamin:

I have potatoes in some way everyday.

The bacon was a side-note in her life, she says she “loves bacon,” and who doesn’t?  She also loves “kraut,” but that didn’t make the fake news headlines, either. Her doctor credits her extreme longevity on her good attitude, not drinking or smoking, and a good immune system.

Bottom-line:  Enjoy, love even, bacon, but eat potatoes every day.

Alternate Headline:

“Woman eats potatoes every day. Going Strong at 109.”


It really does tick me off, though. Nowhere does she say, “Bacon is key…” or “Bacon helped me celebrate 109 years.” It will be funny though when the keto, low-carb, Paleo crowd starts to share this video around, and one of them actually listens. Bwahahaha

Eat moar spuds!





3 Comments on “Fake News!”

  1. Teddy January 27, 2017 at 7:16 am #

    I know. Unbelievable how people can twist the facts. I shared it on FB as a potato story. It makes you wonder how much of what else we see and hear is fake and what is real.


  2. Ingrid January 27, 2017 at 1:14 pm #

    We have a “blue zone” here in Sweden called Småland. This is an area where people used to be poor, and the old once there always have/and still eat plenty of potatos every day, and sometimes they eat bacon and also a lot of herring.



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