Summer 2017 Potato Hack…Weight Loss

Most people find the potato hack because they are desperate to lose weight. I’ve tried most diets out there over the years. It becomes apparent that the Diet Industry does not want you to become lean and fit. They want you forever buying protein bars and diet soda. Most diet plans are expensive! Did you see the writeup on my book at The Simple Dollar?

Weight Loss

Most people lose 3-5 pounds of body fat after eating only potatoes for 3-5 days.  Some will lose considerably more, others less, but everyone benefits.

If you’re serious about this, start weighing yourself until the 14th. Log your morning weight and evening weight. Get a good feel for what you really weigh. Don’t be surprised if you gain and lose 3-5 pounds every day from morning to night, then wake up 3-5 pounds lighter.  This is just your body playing tricks with water. It’s fun to make a chart of your weight over the months and years if you are on a serious weight maintenance journey. I think most people expect too much too soon when they embark on a diet. If you have considerable weight to lose, using the potato hack principles will help you stay on a long, downward trend in weight.

How many people have struggled to lose a couple pounds by restricting what you eat? You skip dessert and have a salad at lunch. You are “good” for weeks and lose 3 or 4 pounds. Then a weekend of off-plan eating results in a gain of 10 pounds and you say, “To heck with this!”

Those of you have have experienced this will be pleasantly surprised by the potato hack. You’ll feel full all day, yet only eat about half your normal calories. The weight will just melt off over the days you eat just potatoes. I think 3-5 days is long enough for people to see lasting results. Some have taken this to extremes…Andrew “Spudfit” Taylor spent the entire year of 2016 eating only potatoes. He lost 100+ pounds and helped thousands along the way.

Anyway, bottom line is that the potato hack is a great way to drop 5 pounds in a hurry, and not just water weight.  This is the kind of weight loss possible when you finally eat at a true calorie deficit. You can do 3 days or 3 months…it’s safe, and it’s your call. I like doing it in 5 day pieces, personally. We’ll discuss the schedule later.

But what if you don’t need to lose weight? Is the potato hack still needed?  Tomorrow!

Yours in potato

Tim Steele

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