Summer 2017 Potato Hack…Hunger Games

The hCG Diet is a very low calorie diet that uses human chorionic gonadotropin—a hormone produced during pregnancy. Taken by injection, drops, or pills, hCG is a powerful appetite suppressant. The problem is that the FDA has not approved hCG to be used for weight loss. Perhaps due to the side effects of “fatigue, irritability, restlessness, depression, fluid buildup (edema), and swelling of the breasts in boys and men (gynecomastia). Another serious concern is the risk of blood clots forming and blocking blood vessels (thromboembolism).”

Many “professional dieters” have been telling me that the Potato Hack works even better than hCG in terms of weight loss and hunger. If hunger is your enemy on other diets you’ve tried, give the potato hack a shot. Study after study show that plain potatoes are the most satiating food on Earth. Potatoes also contain several different types of special fiber that feeds your gut flora. The gut flora is credited with modulating many hormones that makes us feel hungry and full.  Additionally, most diets that are low in calories are also low in food. While eating potatoes, no one complains there’s not enough to eat, in fact, most people find they cannot finish their meals and leave much of it on their plate, having become full before they’ve finished eating.


While some diets promise “all-you-can-eat,” the potato hack delivers! Still, it’s not a race to see how many potatoes you can eat, but how few you can eat to fill yourself up. For most people this is somewhere in the 3-5 pounds per day range (pre-cooked weight). I’m a big eater, and it’s nearly impossible for me to finish a 2-pound bowl of mashed potatoes.

This same effect has been noted by obesity researchers. A recent study showed that when kids are allowed to eat unlimited mashed potatoes with meals, they will eat 30-40% less calories overall! And so it is with the potato hack. In the end, to lose weight you must eat less. But some foods create MORE hunger when eaten to exclusivity, potatoes REDUCE hunger. The Cabbage Soup Diet is moderately effective, but most participants report gnawing hunger for the duration. The original Cabbage Soup Diet allowed only cabbage soup, recent iterations allow fruits and vegetables, even meat, in an effort to make it more satiating…I’d bet the Cabbage Soup Diet would work better if they allowed unlimited potatoes.

I’ll leave you with the very first Amazon review of my book:

April 1, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
I’m going to come out with a bold statement – I believe this is the closest I have come to achieving the management of my binge eating disorder.

I’ve done all kinds of counselling/therapy, read just about every book there is, meds with nasty side effects, and nothing..nothing.. comes close to this. Anyone who has endured a true binge eating disorder will know the misery of this horrible affliction. The hack does something…I don’t know what…but it re-sets my hungry brain, maybe it signals that I’m in a fed state, or satiety hormones or maybe I feel full and satisfied without that bloated yukky feeling that triggers BED. Who knows, all I know is it works for me. I start each week with a 3 day hack and then am able to spend the rest of the week eating like a normal human should, no thoughts of binging and craving only healthy meat and veggies. It is different to every mono diet hack out there. Who would have thought POTATOES would have this effect; it’s crazy beyond belief.

Thank you so much Tim; I’m so grateful to you, you have no idea how much. Please anyone out there with any binge eating issues maybe consider this hack. It goes well beyond the weight loss; in fact for me the weight loss is icing on the cake (or butter on the potato) it’s the regulation of brain/head/hedonistic hunger that is it’s true worth. Please, if you suffer from BED or have a loved one battling it, perhaps give this a try, nothing to lose.


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