Do Probiotics Need to be Refrigerated?

Karl Seddon, CEO of Elixa, has been busy making new videos!  If you are interested in probiotics, have a look at his video library.  I love that his videos are very informative and not just a straight-up sales pitch.  Good job explaining this topic, Karl!

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Hello! This video answers one of the most frequent questions I get via email. Usually in the form of: ‘Will the probiotics be OK in the delivery truck / mailbox / in my porch, (etc.)?’   It also answers the other question of whether they need to be stored in the fridge, freezer, or on a shelf.  –Karl Seddon

3 Comments on “Do Probiotics Need to be Refrigerated?”

  1. Marybeth April 16, 2018 at 9:06 am #

    Can you make yogurt with Elixa?


    • Karl Seddon April 17, 2018 at 2:42 am #

      Hello Marybeth,
      Yes. Although I do not recommend it as a therapeutic strategy.
      All that it takes to make traditional yogurt is the interaction of lactic acid with the milk proteins.
      This is produced from the fermentation of lactose by species in Elixa.

      However, non-traditional/commercial yogurt will have thickening agents (pectins and gums) and be processed in order to acquire the mouth-feel, flavour, and homogeneity of store-bought yogurt.


    • cremes May 7, 2018 at 5:01 am #

      I wouldn’t recommend it. I know there’s been a lot of interest in this lately due to Dr. Davis’ articles.

      For Elixa, it’s important to note that they have specifically engineered the pills to pass through your stomach and small intestine before breaking open. They are targeting these pills to your large intestine.

      So, if you try to make a yogurt with it it’s doubtful much of the bacteria will make it past your stomach and/or small intestine. They may not do much good there.

      Secondly, Elixa is a combination of many bacterias. When you make a yogurt at 100-110F, the delicate balance of these bacterias will likely be destroyed. That is, one or two bacterias will probably grow faster and dominate all of the others.

      That said, it might be an interesting experiment. You should do it and report back to us on how it went. 🙂

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