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2020 Vision

Hello Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been good at keeping up with the blog, but it still gets a lot of traffic so I’ll try to write some new posts this year as I contemplate my next book. I’m debating a “beyond keto” book as the keto diet racks up more and more failures and disgruntled […]

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The Secret to Roasting Amazing Potatoes According to Chemistry

Best potato starch source! Now here’s a recipe for potatoes I can really get into.   Hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season. Check Amazon for some good Black Friday deals on my books! Later, Tim

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Get My Books Free This Week!

Visit Amazon to download 100% free digital copies of both my books. Offer runs from Aug 5-9th, 2019. Free Potato Hack Download Free Diet Hack Download Things going great here in Alaska as nights get darker and temperatures dip. Hard to believe summer is almost over. I will start writing some substantial blog posts in […]

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It’s On!

And it’s official. The Diet Hack: Why 95% of diets fail and how you can succeed is a reality.  While I doubt my book stays #1 for long, it’s really encouraging to see it there on day one with virtually zero advertising other than a couple Face Book posts and my blog. A big “Thanks!” […]

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The Diet Hack Book…4th of July Release!

My latest book, The Diet Hack: Why 95% of Diets Fail and How You Can Succeed, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The official release date is July 4th, 2019. If you pre-order, you’ll get the electronic version for $2.99. This is the lowest allowable price for the category. I’ve also enabled “sharing” and […]

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“Clean eating” is now an Eating Disorder?

Hey, all!  The new book is nearing completion. Now available for pre-sales before the official release date of July 4th very soon. I think you will like it!  I’m very happy with how the interior formatting turned out. Sample page:   Eating Clean is now Dirty? What prompted me to write today was an article […]

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Get Your Gut Right

So much to say…so little time for my blog. Between my day job and side projects, I still like to keep up with what’s happening on the gut front. And so much is happening lately! You guys remember my big experiment to see if Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch contained RS, right? [spoiler alert…it does!]. […]

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Just putting the finishing touches on The Diet Hack. Hoping for a mid-Summer release. The Only Diet Instruction Manual You’ll Ever Need to Ditch Frustration and Extra Pounds More than 95% of dieters fail to lose weight and keep it off. Most people that lose any weight will regain it all within five years; many […]

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The Diet Hack…Calories?

Finished the book three days ahead of schedule! I sent the manuscript off the Archangel Ink for editing and formatting yesterday. Tomorrow night we fly off to Cabo for a two week vacation on the beach. Some thoughts from my writing experience. As I researched and wrote the book, it became quite clear how important […]

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The Diet Industry has undergone a huge change in the last couple of years. Companies that specialize in weight loss no longer want to be associated with “dieting.” Remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC? They did it to hide from the fact that most of their food is fried…a bad word […]

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Big Food

A lot of my new book, The Diet Hack, is devoted to the dangers of Big Food. The fast-food/snack-food/junk-food industry. I hate them with a passion. All of them. I hate every company that take cheap industrial agriculture products, ie. sugar, oil, and wheat, and turns them into “food.” They’ve basically ruined the health of […]

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Any Takers?

Just putting the finishing touches on The Diet Hack. I look for it to be available on Amazon In July or August. It’s amazing how slow the book writing process is. Anyway, just wanted to share this new diet I came up with. It’s pretty much a mish-mash with elements of all of the effective […]

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Gut Health and Weight Loss/Maintenance

One day I’ll write a book about the human gut, but I’m afraid that today we don’t know enough about our guts to make many recommendations past trying to eat and live right. There are several companies that offer gut testing services…I jumped on this a couple years ago when affordable gut flora testing was […]

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Fiber and Health

Taking a short break from book writing as the proofers proof. Saw this article and thought it was fitting. Blow to low carb diet as landmark study finds high fibre cuts heart disease risk Here’s a review of a study that says fiber is important to our overall health. Nowhere in this multi-page essay do […]

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Gut Health and Weight

Anyone who’s been around me any length of time quickly learns that I’m fascinated with the human gut. I’ve been blogging and writing about gut-related illnesses and quick-fixes for years. But as the years wear on, I realize that nobody knows much about the gut and all of the quick-fixes we came up with only […]

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Happy New Year, Any Dieters?

If anyone’s made a New Year’s resolution to start a diet in 2019, here’s something for you to read. Let me know what you think…anyone tried these diets?  What worked for you? Sneak peek from my new book, rough draft, critiques welcome! Commercial Weight Loss Programs Hallmarks of the Modern Commercial Weight Loss Diet Diet […]

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Weight Loss Diets

My new book has a section devoted to weight loss diets. There will be about 10 chapters, the first couple discuss what a weight loss diet is and how to navigate the dieting landscape. Later in this section, I will be dissecting 8-10 popular weight loss programs that I feel give the best chances of […]

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Why Diet?

I think this will be the first chapter of The Diet Hack. What do you think?  Will it convince you to keep reading?

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Popular Fitness Programs

Rough draft of a chapter from my new book.  Thoughts?  Any programs that you all use I should mention?  Ever use any of these? Fitness Programs It’s hard not to notice ads and commercials for exercise programs. They’re filled with sexy, rock-hard bodies, music, and ear-to-ear grins. Of course we want to be like them! […]

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Aerobic Exercise Primer

Valued Readers – Please take a look at what I’ve written here. Let me know in the comments: Does it make sense? Does any of this sound too preachy, judgemental, sexist, or redundant?  Does any of this seem incomplete or too indepth? The target audience is people who do not currently exercise or just want […]

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