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UBiome and American Gut Testing Results Compared

I love all of the gut tests available to us now!  The two that have gotten the most attention are American Gut and uBiome.  Neither require a doctor’s orders and are relatively cheap ($99 and $89 respectively).  uBiome gets you a report in about 6 weeks, while AmGut takes 6 months. I think both tests […]

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Elixa Probiotics Gut Series, Part 2

Probiotics are an important part of any gut health restoration and recovery program. Elixa is a superb product consisting of lacto and bifido strains for maximum delivery. Karl Seddon of Elixa has been busy creating a really good video series on gut health. In case you missed part 1, here it is. And this is […]

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Gut Garden’s New Prebiotic Supplement

A new prebiotic supplement has recently hit the market. Gut Garden’s Resistant Starch Prebiotic Fiber Blend is a gut health supplement that features raw potato starch as a key ingredient. This unique blend also contains glucomannan, Larch arabinogalactin, Chicory root inulin, and Acacia senegal.

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Christmas Ideas for Gut Healthy Eaters

Christmas shopping ideas for healthy eating, gut health, and potatoes! Black Friday nears.  You all know I live in North Pole, Alaska, not 10 miles from Santa’s Workshop, right?  Take it from me, the elves have been busy this year.  Here is a list of gift ideas for you.

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Black Friday, Everyday Until Christmas!

Hello Potato Hack Fans! I have reduced the price on my book to the absolute lowest allowed by the publisher and Amazon. Until Christmas, the Kindle version will be $2.99 and the paperback will be “under $10.” Please consider getting a copy for your loved ones, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a diet book […]

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Welcome to the Potato Hack Chronicle!

Welcome to the Potato Hack Chronicle!  I’ve been playing around with an all-potato diet for the past 6 years or so, ever since Chris Voigt pulled his 2-month potato diet “stunt” in 2010. Lots of bloggers circa 2010-2012 were talking about the all-potato aspect, and nearly all of them decided there was nothing special, about […]

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Now on Kindle!

The Potato Hack, Now available on Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free, otherwise, $6. Also, a cool review from the Potato Grower’s Magazine: Book Touts Potatoes’ Health Benefits Published online: Mar 29, 2016 Author Tim Steele’s new book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified, focuses on potatoes as an article of health. Included in […]

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Potato Diets for Weight Loss or Maintenance

Here’s something cool, please click. It’s been fun so far seeing lots of new folks around here, and even some old-timers, trying the potato hack. We’ll get into the science later in the year, I wanted to start out with the practicalities of using the potato hack to lose some weight. Later, we’ll discuss using […]

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