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Phat Man Potato Diet Podcast

Darren The Phat Man McDuffie graciously invited me on his podcast to discuss the potato diet as discussed in The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified. Listen to me talk to Darren “Phat Man” McDuffie on Perfectly Healthy and Toned Radio Show.

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Potato Hack Reviews

The success of The Potato Hack has been phenomenal. I have been hovering in the #1-2 best seller spot of Kindle books in the potato diet categories. Here are a couple reviews for you to check out: From The Potato Grower’s magazine: Author Tim Steele’s new book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified, focuses on […]

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bag potato

Buying Potatoes for a Potato Diet

Has this happened to you?: At the supermarket you are confronted with an endless array of potatoes. You want to do the potato diet, but have no idea what type to buy. Here’s a guide to which one does what, which one has most resistant starch, which one is best for boiling. Addendum: 6 moths […]

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Potato Diet Recipe Ideas

In The Potato Hack, I have a whole chapter devoted to how to cook potatoes plain. Steaming, boiling, frying, and baking. Lots of methods for making tasty spuds with no oil or other ingredients. I also touch on the fact that there are different potatoes for different cooking methods. Photo by Ann Overhulse Photography (My […]

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Potato Diets for Weight Loss or Maintenance

Here’s something cool, please click. It’s been fun so far seeing lots of new folks around here, and even some old-timers, trying the potato hack. We’ll get into the science later in the year, I wanted to start out with the practicalities of using the potato hack to lose some weight. Later, we’ll discuss using […]

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Variations on the standard potato diet

Help me out! If anyone is considering some serious potato hacking for the new year, here’s some inspiration: Seven different variations of the original potato hack. Whether your goal is weight loss, maintenance, or healing a troublesome gut, these variations might help you stick to the potato hack. Aside from all these variations, the potatoes […]

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Christmas PUDDD’ing; the potato up day down day diet!

Here’s a post with a great potato diet for holiday eating. Using alternate day diet approaches is much easier than daily calorie restriction. Merry Christmas, kind readers! We take Christmas seriously up here in North Pole, Alaska. I have some intel from “the man himself” that the reindeer are looking forward to that warm weather […]

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